Crypto Currency and DagCoins? Whats your take on it?

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Crypto Currency! Have you bought into it?

So in May 2018 I was introduced to this thing called DagCoin. I was like Whaaaat, I’m not into all that stuff! It sounds a bit kooky to me. It’s probably a scam... all of these kinds of things are scams right? BUT then the other voice in my head said - why not give it go!?!  

My initial investment of $165 got me in, and some coins in my (digital) wallet. I figured if I went out to a restaurant for a meal with my family, and caught an Uber home, I would easily spend $165!  And you never know, for the same amount of money I have an opportunity to maybe earn some extra $$$ (a few million would be ideal). Even if I just got back my initial investment, learning something new would be interesting. Get the old brain cells moving again!

So I trusted my gut and joined the world of CryptoCurrency.  Another big incentive for me was the fact that I have an online business, and offering multiple payment methods makes sense to me.  The future is upon us and I want my children to see that I am open to new ideas and concepts. 

You see, I believe that the universe presents things to us at an ideal time.  This is the ideal time for ME.

Here is an example of perfect timing for me. I recently took an impromptu trip to Rainbow Beach for a few nights. The apartment we rented had books for us to read, including Eat Pray Love.  I sat down and relaxed whilst the kids were in the pool and started to read. That book and this location just made me feel light and free. Decisions come easily when there is no stress!


Eat Pray Love

Now I know this book and the movie have been around for over 10 years, however it has never presented itself to me before. Either in a bookshop, at the library, or even on TV. In fact, I downloaded it on Foxtel some time ago, thinking I had a month to watch it, but it turned out it was only a week. Life then got in the way and I still haven’t seen it. Maybe I wouldn’t have “listened” to what it says about life until this point in MY life. No matter what you call it- fate, destiny, cosmic intervention - I believe timing is often out of our control.

So DagCoins are now a thing in my life and whilst I am not here to “sell you” on it, I do want to inform you that you can use your DagCoins to purchase your favourite MillyCruze items with these coins.

I am still learning how to use the coins but the people training us are another amazing group of people that have come into my life.  At the present moment in time, I am unable to interface Shopify with my Dagwallet. Therefore, if you wish to purchase any of the MillyCruze items using DagCoins please select “COD” as payment type and I will be in touch with you.

If you are intrigued to know more about this new fan-dangle way of trading, send me an email or private message and I can put you in touch with the people that helped me get started. I will leave you with a parting thought for today……

“Earn the way you want, work the way you want,
and live the way you want."
– Nils Grossberg and Kris Ress, Founders of Success Factory


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