How to have an Amazing Party for your kids

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How to have an Amazing Party for your kids

A birthday party is a wonderful way to celebrate our kids. It can be exciting and fun but for some however, it can also be the cause of some anxiety and stress. Often as mums in 2019 we can put far too much pressure on ourselves to have the biggest and the best party possible.

Before MillyCruze was a thing, and there was only Milly, I had a little hobby business hosting birthday parties - I was the Party P.A

It was mostly 3-8 year-old girls so it was fairy parties, pamper parties, Frozen parties (with pin the carrot on Olaf) and sporty parties (like limbo, tunnel ball, egg n spoon races). So I have had some practice at it and I've seen quite a few scenarios.

Some of you reading this may have had a party every year as a child yourself, and some may not have ever experienced a party. I ask you to stop for a moment and think back to the most enjoyable birthday that you ever had. …. What's the first thing that comes to mind? The cake, the theme, the location, the friends who celebrated with you??

With this in mind let's break it down into bite size pieces. There are three main elements to EVERY party.

  1.     WHO - who are you celebrating (keeping it age appropriate) and who will  you invite?
  2.     HOW – How will you celebrate? Will it be a small intimate gathering, at home or a location? In the morning, afternoon or evening?
  3.     FOOD – This is also dependant on the above questions (because you wouldn’t feed 2-year old’s cocktails and caviar) is it nibbles, lunch, dinner, what type of cake will you have?

Here is a basic list of what you need to consider.  

  1.     Location
  2.     Invitations
  3.     Activities
  4.     Cake
  5.     Party bags / Loot bags
  6.     Decorations

And Here are a few party themes (this list could be endless)

  1.     Colour theme: ask everyone to wear the same colour.
  2.     Polkadot party – I did this for Milly’s 2nd birthday – I didn’t get many great photo’s as I was a bit busy hosting but below you will see the super cute dress I made for her.
  3.     A Disney /movie theme – Frozen, Princesses, Cars, Bob the Builder
  4.     Pamper party – Create a hand scrub with your guests – it is as simple as combining sugar with coconut oil! Then moisturise and watch the giggles as the children paint each others nails.
  5.     Sports party – Limbo, egg and spoon races,
  6.     Art and Craft party – set up some paints and canvases
  7.     Pyjama Party – You could DIY it with air beds and miss-matched linen, or consider hiring the services of a professional, such as Magical Teepee Events However during their waking hours look into decorating a pillowcase with fabric paint, decorating their own cupcakes and scavenger hunts.


Amy from Magical Teepee Events has these tips for you also. 

Planning the perfect kids party can be overwhelming to say the least. Here are a my top tips to help make the event planning easy.

  1. Set a budget before you start planning
  2. Pick a date -no one likes to hear the words “that date is taken already “
  3. Create a guest list early
  4. Let the kids help - kids have great ideas for themes, colours and little personal touches that is adults don't think about
  5. Prepare for the unexpected - have a rain plan and a little first aid kit just incase
  6. Plan all the activities - what's going to keep them entertained during the party

Create something timeless and magical for children to share with their friends. Slumber parties are definitely a tradition all over the world. The simplest idea of a sleepover party is pretty hard to beat.  The delivery, set up, styling and decorations are all part of the package along with the pack up the following day. All that's left to do is making the magical memories that will last a lifetime.

And lets not forget the Birthday kids outfit! Here are a few photos from Amelia’s 2nd ‘Spotty’ Birthday to give you inspiration. (Isn’t she cute) 

Spotty 2nd Birthday by MillyCruze Clothing

If you would like a custom item made contact me at or the social channels Facebook & Instagram. 

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive look at parties, but I hope it has helped a little bit….



Third Birthday Paw Patrol pink dress by MillyCruze Clothing 2nd birthday  Thomas the Tank Engine by MillyCruze Clothing Copers First birthday overalls by MillyCruze ClothingPirate 3rd birthday by MillyCruze Clothing Pirate outfit by MillyCruze Clothing



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