That Nudie Rudie Naked Stage.

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How to dress a kid that likes to stay naked !

If you haven’t yet experienced the NAKED stage of your babies life, don’t fret… it is coming…

Generally this naked stage can happen anywhere between age 2 and 3 And when you think if it, its best when co-inciding with toilet training.. maybe mother nature designed it that way. And for the kids’ sake lets’ hope its during summer!

But when you are running late to leave the house because said child would rather show his tooshie , here are a few tips that may make life easier:

  1.    Pick the child up and put them in the car naked!  State that you hope his or her private parts don’t get pinched in the seatbelt !! ouch!! (don’t forget to grab their clothes to dress them at the destination.. that could get awkward)
  2.    Splash a little water on him or her, and then quickly bundle them up in a towel and dress her as fast as you can.
  3.    Make a game out of choosing the outfit to wear today. Put socks on your hands and undies on your head. You’ll soon be rolling around laughing, and then hopefully be able to put everything on right.
  4.    4. Bribery!!! Put your dress on and you can have this chocolate/lollypop/ hatchimal’s etc
  5.    Turn dressing into teaching – left foot, right foot, one hand, two hands,
  6.    Play Peek-a-boo with the shirt neck. Soon you’ll get the shirt over his neck.
  7.    Choose clothing that is easy to slip on, pull over or wrap around. Complicating your morning with buttons and bows may just be your breaking point.

I’m sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Please do email me and tell me what you have done to get your kids dressed, or for any other reason I’d love to hear from you.



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