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Who is MillyCruze Clothing?

Hi there, I'm Jodie and the mother of a very headstrong 6year old named Milly and a mischievous 4year old named Cruze.

After repeatedly seeing Milly in the same mass-produced items as other little girls at the park I knew I had to add a few unique items to her wardrobe. So, when it came time to catching up with my mothers’ groups she was dressed in a unique item that the other mums hadn't seen anywhere. 

When Cruze was just 2 months old I started working with a friend to create gorgeous 1st birthday outfits… Fast forward 18months and I went out on my own with MillyCruze Clothing.

I was making everything, from bibs to nappy covers. And in every type of print… It wasn’t until late 2017 that I found some amazing Australian artist’s that I just knew that’s the direction that I want to head in. We live in such a beautiful and diverse country, and that’s just what MillyCruze is about. Being beautiful, diverse, totally unique and Amazing, just like this land we call home.

My kids are Amazing! Well, I am their mum, so it is my job to know and shout that out loud. Which is why I love to share their AMAZING on the outside by their clothing choice.

Your Child is AMAZING too! Let them shine their Amazing when you dress them in the morning too.  

Buying handmade, also means that you are buying a unique item of clothing for your loved one. Every piece of fabric is individually cut, and as such the print on the fabric may not always be the same as the previous item made. Every single stitch is performed in my home on the Gold Coast of Australia. 

The beauty of Handmade, lies in the imperfections. Just like our children have flaws yet we still know they are perfect in our eyes, so are these pieces of hand crafted clothing. 

Do you have a particular item you need to have made?? Send an email to hello@millycruze.com and we can chat about creating a custom item for your precious little ones. 

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Who is MillyCruze

This is our family christmas picture, taken by AmyLu Photography 2016

Who is MillyCruzeClothing

This is me. Picture taken by Jade Read Brand Photographer. 2018